Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sports Theme Baby Shower Ideas

Yesterday's post with the Sports Themed Baby Shower invitation got me thinking about what that kind of shower might look like in real person.  Here is the invitation...

I rounded up some ideas that you could use to throw your OWN sports themed shower.  I rounded up some of the best things I saw on Pinterest and linked you to the source.

Food & Snacks:
I'm thinking you could go really easy with some hot dogs and hamburgers for the menu. But if you wanted to get a little fancier maybe you could make some sliders

and some wings...

Or you might just go the snack route and then this party had some great ideas for serving game time snacks. 

don't forget the popcorn!

Sweet Treats:

A fun themed cake would really bring the theme home...

Or perhaps you could dress up some cupcakes with some fun cupcake toppers...I LOVE the foam finger!!  I know some people will die over the little Steeler love that pennant on the left has...

These berries can be purchased but I'm thinking that at least the footballs would be easy to carry off as a DIY project.  Delicious!

I thought these wraps for Gatorade or Powerade were really clever - perhaps some lovey dovey 'nutrition facts' for the other side? Or they could be dressed up with the parents picture or last name?


If you have multiple tables at the party, small diaper cakes like these would be super cute - a different ball for each one! 

I thought this was a clever graphic that could be worked into the decorations...

Gifts and favors:

A banner of sports themed onesies of the parents favorite teams or schools would be both a decoration and a gift!  Perhaps a personalized onesie for the parents...

This gift set is totally cute - I see they have it in different sports as well!

I like this easy idea for a favor - Cracker Jacks! 

Cookies are always a hit - love these cute themed cookies

There are so many cute ideas out there...hopefully this will get your creative juices flowing!  And as always, if you want help with any printed materials - favor wraps, banners, cupcake toppers just let me know! I would love to help you out!

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Unknown said...

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