Monday, January 28, 2013

Marry Me Monday - 10 Unique Guest Book Ideas

The traditional guest book is rarely ever used anymore. Usually it gets put on the shelf and never gets looked at again. Let your personality show through your guestbook and have something that you can look at time and time again to remember all of your friends and family that were there to share your big day.

Here are some pretty creative, useful and beautiful interpretations of a guest book.

Fun and games:
This couple had their guests sign on Jenga pieces.  Take breaks during a serious game to read the sentiments written on each piece as you pull it out of the tower. What a fun and memorable game night!

Making me thirsty:
I actually did this at my rehearsal dinner. I had a magnum of champagne that I had friends and family sign. My plan is to have it at our 10 year anniversary with some of the same people that signed the bottle.  Another idea is to have it on your one year anniversary to wash down that one year old cake topper!

A puzzling idea:
Another game oriented idea! On one side is a picture of the couple and you have guests sign the other side.  It would be a fun tradition to sit down each year on your anniversary and put the pieces together and remember the good times. 

Funky decor:
This couple below had their guests sign a snowboard but you could have any kind of item that goes along with your wedding theme or location. Getting married in Nashville? Have your guests sign a guitar. Getting married on the beach? Have your guests sign a surfboard! Shells, records, oars, monograms...the possibilities are endless.  Just make sure you won't mind having that piece hanging on your wall for years to come!

Picture this:
The Polaroid photo book idea never gets old and is always unique because your wedding and your guests are unique. You can have people write advice or good wishes on the picture themselves or have them put their picture in a scrap book and they can write their notes in the book.  Bonus points if you set up a photo booth with props and a fun background!

Leave your mark:
The thumbprint guest book is such a fun idea. The thumbprints can be leaves on a tree, balloons, feathers on a bird....lots of ideas. Have multiple ink pads in the colors that match your wedding theme and have your guests sign next to their thumbprints.

Warm wishes:
This is literally warm wishes from your guests...something you can cuddle up with! Have guests sign and decorate squares of fabric and then assemble after the wedding.  I found this website with a good tutorial on how to go about doing it yourself!  Now I have no sewing skills to speak of so don't look to me to sew it together for you!

A twist on the traditional:
This book is a combination of so many different unique ideas. It's a coffee table book featuring pictures of the couple but with prompts on each page for advice or memories. Fantastic idea!

Draw me a picture:
Love this idea where it asks your guests to be creative. There are prompts on the page for advice or well wishes as well as memories of the day and a chance for your guest to draw a picture of the happy couple. It would be such a hoot to see how everybody answered each question differently - not to mention the awesome drawings!

Local and picturesque:
An easy and meaningful way to incorporate your location would be to buy a coffee table book about the city you are getting married in and have guests sign within the pages.  

There are a TON of ideas out there and you should choose which one you will love to look at year after year.  I would love to help you design your own guest book - I can help you with anything having to do with paper! The personalized coffee book, the fill in the blank/mad lib type of guest book, the thumbprints...don't be afraid to ask!

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