Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Passport to Love

All aboard for a wedding trip of a lifetime! This couple is always on the go - America, Europe, Asia and everywhere in between. They wanted wedding invitations that set the tone for a global celebration. In comes the Wedding Passport. The invitation itself was set up in a passport booklet form and the response was a postcard with an air mail feel.

When you opened the booklet, on the left was the information page featuring a picture of the couple and important wedding date details.

On the right hand side was the actual invitation...

Subsequent pages featured information about the reception and accommodations as well as directions.

It was all tied together with a white ribbon.

If you have a destination wedding in mind or want to add a global flair to your wedding these are a perfect fit!

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Kim @ Too Much Time said...

These were the most creative and fitting invitations! Everyone who saw mine was super impressed!